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Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage involves the exact benefits of a standard complete body massage, (better circulation, better lymph drainage etc.) but with the added benefit of a particularly tailored blend of essential oils chosen to suit your individual requirements. Prior to the massage the therapist will…

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Understanding Watsu Therapy For Fibromyalgia

What could it be about Watsu that makes it this type of hunted type of Japanese body work? The consequences and benefits are varied however, the consequence an individual can feel is very similar to that sensed throughout a full body massage. Watsu was practiced for years and years but it is only in…

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Benefits of Massage Therapy Among Others

An sports massage is also a more efficient curative massage specially designed to increase athletic efficiency and promote total healing and wellbeing. Massage can be a skill that's been used for centuries to take care of quite a few ailments. The first massage processes were designed to treat illne…

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Reflexology - The Pure Way to Relax

When it has to do with health, probably one of the absolute most well-known methods touted is the fact that still reflexology. It is said that certain parts of one's own body are linked right to other pieces. If you apply pressure on these regions, you will find that it influences other components o…

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What Is Shiatsu Massage And How Does It Work?

Shiatsu is a Japanese expression that could loosely be translated into"finger pressure" or"massaging." It's a type of Swedish massage which emphasizes the manipulation of the acupoints found in the fingers. It utilizes kneading, rubbing, stretching, tapping, and calming techniques and is usually don…

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Massage Therapy Using Essential Oils and Candles

Cosmetic massage therapy is also known to be a holistic remedy that not only treat the physical body but also the soul and mind. Such a massage utilizes natural organic and natural essential oils which derive from crops. Turmeric concentrates on balancing the numerous processes of the body as well a…

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